Independent professionals who work remotely to help with your business.

Experts who work remotely to help with your business.

Riyo Services provides the expertise and solutions you need to respond to the ever-changing needs of your customers. Then with our analytics and insight, we’ll help you improve visibility, responsiveness, and control across all your customer-interaction channels.

What is a RS exactly?

Available services

Inbound Calls Service

Answering phone calls

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Survey & Outbound Calls

Organizing calendar

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E-Mail & Social Media Support


Find the ultimate virtual assistants for your business

We fulfill your ambitions

Our team is qualified enough to deal with thousands calls per day, so you can be confident that your customers will be satisfied

About us

Why Riyo Service?

Highly-skilled, independent professional freelancer.

Highly-skilled, independent professional agents.

What is a RS exactly?


In line with international standards

We track the best practices in the world and apply them.


24/7 support

Regardless of the time and place, we offer you full support for you and your customers 24/7.


Awesome Team

Our team has enough experience to provide everything that helps you to perform your business in an optimal manner.


Countless benefits for you and your business

Countless benefits for you and your business

You cannot imagine the benefits your organization will reap



Learn to delegate

Research has proven that there are many tasks that organizations must delegate to others in order to relieve pressure on other organization’ departments and the burdens resulting from them due to lack of time and experience.


Reduce labor costs

Reducing the pressure on companies in terms of financial costs, as you will no longer think about promotions and bonuses and the cost will decrease significantly.